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Luminox LED Light Therapy

     Luminox LED light therapy is one of the newest technologies developed to fight acne, hyperpigmentation, pore size, redness, aging and so much more. Light therapy can actually be tracked as far back as ancient Greece where the study carried into the late 19th century. It wasn’t until later when NASA discovered its healing and stimulating properties of the single light frequencies. Studies were then furthered by the navy to help muscle regeneration and used to heal serious wounds. We now use light therapy in esthetics to stimulate collagen growth and elastin formation, skin cell regeneration and anti-bacterial benefits for those suffering from acne, rosacea and aging.

     Light therapy is a wonderful FDA approved cosmetic treatment that requires no downtime and offers great results while remaining safe, quick and painless. Stimulation of blood circulation and lymphatic activity is due to the red light’s deep penetrating ray. The blue light’s rays are used to generate singlet oxygen to help rid acne-causing bacteria.

     We have been happy to see what can sometimes be immediate results in our clients’ skin. A series of light therapy treatments and peels combined with a personalized skin care regimen are recommended for best results.

Before & Afters

Before & After
The woman above has gone through eight 30 minute sessions under the Luminox LED and has seen quite ideal results. Notice how the creases in her forehead and around the mouth have smoothed and the overall glow in her complexion.

Before & After
This is amazing. The woman shown above has received 1 treatment per week for 10 weeks. Look at her complexion, the softening of lines, and the lift in her skin!

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